The Shuri Fellowship

Our Fellowship programme includes offering bursaries to support your personal development and shadowing opportunities. For BME women interested in our shadowing programme, please sign up as a member on our home page to receive further updates on the process. Please also offer other BME women the opportunity to shadow you for half a day share your insights and help fellow members.

Digital leaders & allies: We have had a tremendous response from you and are currently developing the process for our members to shadow you, build connections, confidence and gain insights into your role and team. Help to demystify what you do & help others to take their first steps in their digital career ! Due to the current situation this will take the form of virtual meetings. If you would like to offer a shadowing opportunity please get in touch now – email us at

For updates on our shadowing programme and future bursaries please fill in the online form on our home page. We will launch our shadowing scheme later in 2020.

Dr ijeoma Azodo and Heather Caudle at HETT 2019