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Our virtual birthday at the Digital Health Summer School with Sarah Amani, Dr Shera Chok, Dr Ijeoma Azodo, Ronke Adejolu, Andrea Downey, Zainab Hussain, Dr Nikki Kanani, Yinka Makinde and Sonia Patel; July 2020.

Our First Birthday Celebration !

We were joined by a stellar panel who discussed what needs to be done to improve representation and diversity in digital nursing, training programmes and the tech sector at the Digital Health Virtual Summer School on the 23rd of July.

Key advice from the panel: Believe in yourself, be courageous, get yourself a mentor, create a safe space at work, create new opportunities for yourself, don’t hold yourself back from applying for jobs even if you don’t meet all of the person spec criteria, develop your personal vision, know your worth and network, network, network !

Future events:

Summer special for teenagers and young people of colour, 12 August 2020: What is a data scientist? What tech jobs are there in the NHS? Join the us and the Coders of Colour team to find out what some amazing women of colour are doing in the public sector tech and data sectors. We are delighted to collaborate with Coders of Colour and to hear from Ayo Ogonkolade, Jasmine Latham, Zainab Garba-Sani, Tolulope Ogunremi, Ruth Agbakoba, Grace Annan- Callcott & our co-founder Dr Shera Chok.

The Shuri Network and Health Foundation Webinar Series Wednesday 9 September 2020 2-330 pm

Join us and the Health Foundation to discuss the recommendations and actions from the PHE COVID-19 review and hear how BME women are using digital tech in healthcare settings to deliver safe patient care. Speakers include Evelyn Asante-Mensah OBE, Stephanie Riley, Anna Awoliyi, Sarah Jensen, Jennifer Dixon, Rachel Tesfaye and Dr Shera Chok. Book your place now:

Building Diversity in Digital Health
23 and 24 September 2020

With our partners, including the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, we will shine a spotlight across the challenges that exist, discuss how we are promoting BAME leadership in technology to support the innovation and transformation ambitions for our communities and teams. Dr Ayesha Rahim, CCIO at Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust will leading this exciting event – book now on:

Anthropology and Technology Conference, 9 October 2020

Dr Ijeoma Azodo and Rafiah Badat will be speaking about the risks of algorithmic decision-making to marginalize and exclude and the actions needed to avoid this. The Anthropology + Technology conference brings together pioneering technologists and social scientists from across the globe. Its aim is to facilitate dialogue on emerging technology projects in order to help businesses benefit from more socially-responsible AI.

Past events:

6 July 2020: Webinar: Ethnic diversity in health tech: Actions to Do More. Searing. Honest. Controversial. The most powerful discussion on bullying, racism and diversity we have seen. Applies to the whole NHS, not just the tech sector. Patricia Hughes, Divisional Nurse Director, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and member of the Shuri Network joined the TechUK panel to discuss what needs to change.

15 June 2020: Webinar: How to change the culture of your conversations in your teams to allow inclusion & diversity. Rafiah Badat, Shuri steering group member, NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow and a Speech & Language Therapist, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust spoke at this webinar aimed at emerging AHP leaders and managers to inspire the next generation.

4 June 2020: Webinar: Achieving Diversity and Reducing the Digital Divide in the digital response during and beyond COVID-19. Do digital services increase access or widen the digital divide? Dr Shera Chok chaired a discussion on improving digital inclusion and access with NHS England, the Good Things Foundation, the National Digital Service, Scotland and the Federation of Informatics Professionals.

1 June 2020: Webinar: Taking a digital innovation idea and making it a reality. How do you take your first steps as a digital pioneer? What support is there if you want to turn your ideas for improving care through digital into reality? We collaborated with Digital Health London, ORCHA and Levanya Plus to share the stories of two remarkable women, Rajal Patni and Saira Arif.

17 May 2020 BBC World Service: The Evidence. Covid-19 and the impact on BME communities. Dr Shera Chok joined speakers from the Johns Hopkins University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Oxford University to highlight the underlying health and social inequalities that led to what we have seen in the UK and US and the actions needed to address them.

6 May 2020: Webinar: Covid-19 and the Impact on BAME Communities – What needs to change? Covid-19 has had a disproportionate impact on BME communities and staff. Our co-founder, Dr Shera Chok, organised a webinar with Sky News, the Royal College of Nursing, the British Medical Association and the British Association of Physicians of India Origin (BAPIO) to discuss the causes and actions needed. Nearly 500 people joined the webinar for a wide ranging, thought provoking and honest discussion.

2019: How to apply for the NHS Digital Academy: Our co-founder, Sarah Amani led a discussion with senior digital leaders Zainab Hussain, Dr Ayesha Rahim and Sonia Patel about their experience of the Digital Academy, the benefits of the programme and advice for the application process.


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Happy New Year 2020

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Dr Ijeoma Azodo, Dr Shera Chok, Sonia Patel, Rafiah Badat, Nikki Kahllon and Dr Ayesha Rahim with Jon Hoeksma, Chief Executive of Digital Health at Rewired, March 2020.
Trish Hughes and Shera Chok speaking at the HSJ Digital Summit, 2020