Minerva Women’s Leadership Programme

Shuri Network & Ethical Healthcare have partnered to offer three free places to Shuri Members

Minerva is a leadership development programme for women working in health technology or a health and care data environment, who aspire to lead.

It’s a 10-month programme, designed to create a space for participants to reflect on who they are, to discover their strengths, to think about who they want to be, and to identify their own opportunities for growth.

Minerva was the brainchild of Anne Cooper. Again and again throughout her successful career she saw women not fulfilling their potential due to a lack of confidence, not knowing their strengths and hitting glass ceilings. This programme aims to empower women to overcome these obstacles, and help women understand their unique abilities and how they can use them to improve their leadership skills and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Shuri and Ethical have offered three places to Shuri members and they commenced on the programme in September.

Watch out for news of how they are getting on and other offers of bursaries and opportunities from the Shuri Network!