Shuri Podcast feedback

As we are looking to embark on Series 3 of the Shuri Network podcast, we would love to get your feedback on Series 1 and 2 and/or your ideas for topics for Series 3. Please share the link to this page with others.

The survey will close on 26/7/24.

All feedback is anonymous unless you choose to provide your details.

Podcast feedback

Previous podcast topics covered:
a) What is digital health?
b) How do you start a career in digital health?
c) What is a CIO?
d) What is a CCIO?
e) What is a CNIO?
f) What role does data play in healthcare?
g) What is a Chief Allied Health Professional Information Officer?
h) AI
i) User-Centred Design
j) Cybersecurity
k) Digital Social Care
l) Digital Ethics
m) What is a Chief Technical Officer?
n) Business Intelligence
o) What is Digital Transformation?
p) Health Inequalities
q) The Shuri Fellowship Scheme