Shuri Shadowing Programme

Our ground-breaking Shadowing programme launched on the 1st of April this year ! We have nearly 60 fantastic host offers on our Hexitime site including CIOs, UX leads, startup founders, CCIOs, NEDs, AI experts, clinical leaders and digital innovators.

Allies: Take action to create opportunities for our members to shadow healthcare and digital leaders, build relationships, gain insight into different roles and environments and showcase what you and your team do.

The Shuri Network is free to join as either a member or an ally.
Partner with us to build a digitally confident and inclusive workforce.

The Shuri Network is the only network specifically for women of colour, within digital health and care, promoting an inclusive leadership community. We were established in July 2019 to support women of colour develop the skills and confidence to progress into senior leadership positions and help NHS leadership teams more closely represent the diversity of their workforce. By establishing digital teams that reflect the diversity of the community, organisations can ensure digital services are inclusive as these teams are more likely to seek out a wider range of viewpoints.

“Our recent survey identified that our members are keen to demystify careers in digital health, gain insight into roles and responsibilities within digital health leadership and explore new horizons and career options.”.

Tracey Thomas, Digital Shadowing Programme Lead

Digital shadowing is:
• A virtual partnership between two people ‘the ally/host’ and a Shuri network ‘member/guest’
• Based upon mutual trust and respect
• Promotes peer to peer learning
• Light touch, participant driven
• Self-managed via the Hexitime platform

To be eligible to take up a shadowing offer, you must:
• be (or identify as) a female and be from a BAME background
• be a UK resident
• be a member of the Shuri Network

Disclaimer – we do not quality assure the shadowing offers or exchanges. Please refer to Hexitime ‘Terms and conditions’ which govern your access to and use of the platform. If however, you do experience any difficulty with your exchange, please email or for support.


As an ally / host: Give an hour, get a lot more back

• Convert good intent into a good deed
• You don’t have to be at the top of your field or in the tech sector to offer 6 hours of your time
• You will be gifted 6 hours timebank ‘credit’ to exchange when you support our campaign
• Lift as we rise – as a woman of colour, make an offer of 6 hours virtual shadowing to another Shuri Network member

Register your profile within our Hexitime campaign site and make an offer of 6 hours virtual shadowing per individual – remember to tick The Shuri Network box under “Campaigns” so our members can see your offer. Here is an example of a digital shadowing offer.

HOW TO TAKE UP AN OFFER: As a network member (woman of colour)

We have a wide range of digital and healthcare leaders who are waiting to connect with you. Register your profile within our Hexitime campaign site to connect with an ‘ally/host’ to take up the 6 hours virtual shadowing offer. Shadowing offers will be available to Shuri members from April 2021.