Useful Resources

HTN Interview Series: How the Shuri Network was born and our main purpose: Sarah Amani, Network co-founder, 4 June 2020: “Our aim is to amplify the voice of BAME women in the digital health space so they get the same opportunities to not only land leadership roles, but to be supported so they can thrive in the digital health space.”

COVID-19 and the impact on BAME communities, Dr Shera Chok, Network co-founder, 28 April 2020: “The current crisis has been called a ‘once in a career opportunity to transform the NHS.’ Instead, perhaps we should call it ‘a once in a career opportunity to reduce health inequalities and discrimination’.”

Diversity Still Matters, McKinsey, 19 May, 2020: Inclusion and diversity are at risk in the crisis, but are critical for business recovery, resilience and reimagination.

Promoting Women in the Digital Workplace, November 2019: Using examples of initiatives including Microsoft and the Shuri Network, this policy briefing sets out how we can transform services and to achieve better outcomes through seeking voices from diverse backgrounds and upskilling public sector employees at all levels to be up to the task.

Our co-founders Dr Shera Chok and Sarah Amani with Sonia Patel, Chief information Officer, NHSX