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Shuri Network Podcasts

The award-winning Shuri Network is the first NHS and care network of BAME women in digital health. In this fortnightly podcast series we aim to demystify what digital health is all about, and also to bring you insights into how some of our inspirational female leaders from ethnic minority groups and allies have got to where they are.

Episode 1 notes “Getting to know the podcast hosts”

Welcome to the first ever Shuri Network podcast! In this episode we will introduce you to our hosts, dig into their journeys in Digital Health, and hear what this podcast series is all about.

Tune in to hear from:
• Dr Ayesha Rahim, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust
• Ronke Adejolu, Associate Nurse Director at NHSX
• Selina Lee, Healthcare Client Executive at Microsoft

Ayesha, Ronke and Selina – our podcast hosts

Episode 2 notes “What is the Shuri Network?”

Today’s episode is all how the Shuri Network was founded, what we have achieved so far, and our hopes are for the future. Telling us all about this is the Shuri Network co-founder and chair Dr Shera Chok, a GP in Tower Hamlets, and Deputy Chief Medical Officer at NHS Digital.

Picture of Dr Shera Chok
Dr Shera Chok

Episode 3 notes “What does Digital Health mean?”

Ever wondered what “digital health” actually means? Look no further! In this episode we’ll be hearing from Rachel Dunscombe, CEO of the NHS Digital Academy and Principal at Tektology, along with Pam Cairns, Data Liaison Manager at NHS Digital. You’ll hear about their journeys, their values, and what digital means to them.

Rachel Dunscombe and Pam Cairns

Episode 4 notes “How can you start a career in digital health?”

Want to know how “technical” you need to be in order to work in digital health? Interested in finding out about the career options in this enormous field? Our guests today are Henrietta Mbeah-Bankas, Head of Blended Learning and Digital Learning and Development Lead at Health Education England , and Aasha Cowey, Strategic Transformation Lead at Surrey and Borders Partnership MHS Foundation Trust and co-founder of @FlexNHS. Find out more information about NHS careers in technology here, and if you want to know more about the Health Education England Digital Readiness programme, see this link. The career pathways project referenced by Aasha can be found here, along with a list of general job roles which exist in technology here.

Henrietta Mbeah-Bankas and Aasha Cowey

Episode 5 notes “What is a CIO?”

Not sure what a Chief Information Officer does? Confused about the difference between a CTO, a CDIO and a CIO? Fear not! Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer at NHSX is here to explain all this and more. You’ll hear about how digital teams in the NHS supported the covid-19 pandemic, and the importance of compassion in technology. Sonia also describes her own route to her current position, and offers fabulous advice for others who might want to follow in her footsteps.

Picture of Sonia Patel
Sonia Patel

Episode 6 notes “What is a Chief Clinical Information Officer?”

In this episode we explore the role of CCIOs with our special guest Dr Toral Thomas, Psychiatrist and CCIO at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS foundation Trust. Think you need to be highly technical if you’re a clinician who wants to work in digital health? Think again! You’ll hear Toral’s passion coming through as he demystifies this role, and talks about the focus on transformation.

You’ll also hear him mention resources for people interested in this career such as the NHS Digital Academy and the Topol Digital Fellowships.

Enjoy the show!

Dr Toral Thomas

Episode 7 notes “What is a Chief Nursing Informatics/Information Officer?”

This episode explores the role of nurses working in digital health. We know that the nursing profession is under-represented in the field of clinical informatics – so if you’ve ever wondered how to “break in” to the profession, give this is a listen. We hear from the wonderful Maria de Souza, CNIO at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. She shares her career journey, why she is proud to have the word “nurse” in her job title, and what a typical day looks like for her.

And if you’re interested in the Shuri Network shadowing scheme (available exclusively to our members), click on this link to find out more, and how you can either offer six hours of your time to an aspiring digital professional, or how you can find someone to shadow!

Maria de Souza

Episode 8 notes “What role does data play in healthcare?”

Do you consider yourself to be an artistic person? Do you enjoy weaving a story? Did you know that you could use these attributes in a data-driven career? Ming Tang, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for NHS England/Improvement shows you how you can. We also touch on powerful stories of how data saved lives during the covid-19 pandemic, and the delicate balance of data-sharing whilst maintaining public trust.

You can register on the NHS Jobs website here to search for data-related roles in the NHS. And if you have an NHS email you can register here to access the NHS AnalystX community, and follow them on Twitter @AnalystX_

Ming Tang

Episode 9 notes “What is a Chief Allied Health Professional Information Officer?”

Ever wondered why we don’t hear about other health care professionals other than nurses and doctors working in health tech? So did we! So here’s Anna Awoliyi, an Allied Health Professional (and specifically an Operating Department Practitioner) explaining her unconventional route into her current role as a Chief Allied Health Professional Information Officer (CAHPIO). Anna tells us about how she keeps her energy and enthusiasm up, and pays it forward to others too. You’ll also hear a ton of constructive advice about how you also turbo-charge your career. You can read about the NHS Leadership Academy mentioned in the show, and you can even learn more about the 2022 Digital Health Summer School , where the Shuri Network itself was born.

Anna Awoliyi

Episode 10 notes “What is Artificial Intelligence?”

Welcome to the final episode of series one of the Shuri Network podcast! (Yep, we’re feeling emotional too). Have you ever wanted to know a little bit more about AI but not sure where to start? Tune in for a beginner’s guide to the ins and outs of the use of AI in health and care. Indra Joshi (Head of AI at NHS England and Improvement) and Eleonora Harwich (Head of AI collaborations at NHS England and Improvement) talk us through the exciting possibilities of how AI can benefit patient care, as well as the ethical concerns and the safeguards in place to manage this. You will also hear about what is being done to counteract the potential for data bias in AI.

Here’s the link to the NHS AI lab where you’ll find a wealth of information if you want to learn more. Part of the lab includes the AI Award which helps put the theory into practice – you find out more here. You can also check out the fantastic network One Health Tech mentioned, who also support equality, diversity and inclusion in health tech.

Just a quick note to clarify that when the episode was recorded, NHSX was a separate entity. Since then, NHSX has merged back in to NHS England and Improvement hence the slight difference in job titles.

Eleonora Harwich and Indra Joshi

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